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About Fxiii Embroidery

‘Fxiii’ is a combination of letter ‘F’ and roman number ‘XIII’, as the artist lived in flat 13 while in England, and on 13th Floor in Taiwan, ergo the name ‘Fxiii’. It represents the importance of life experience to her art. Number‘ 13’can mean good or ill luck in different cultures, such characteristics symbolize more possibilities outside the norm.
Fxiii’s embroideries are not the warm, fresh and cute type of art, but more“ Why bother paper over the cracks when life is cruel anyway?” such helpless sense. The artist uses needle and thread to transit her observation of the society from narrative art to rather slow embroidery illustrations, record this imperfect yet beautiful world.

Faye, the stitch hand behind the FXIII embroidery illustration. Who grew up in a movie theatre when the movies still recorded by the film. Her childhood experiences gave her a unique perspective of the process of art and design. The philosophy behind her practice is to find the balance to marge the low-tech and contemporary. She studied Theatrical Design and Technology in Taiwan. Alongside she studies for a Masters in Narrative Environments at Central St Martins. She has worked in different creative industries, mainly the set design for theatre, exhibition design and public art. With the experience in the multiple creative industries, her embroidery illustration shows not only the deep artistic content but also the wide culture connotation. Currently she is a freelance designer for scenography, narrative environment and embroidery illustration.

8.2022        Solo Exhibition < Layers > / Mizuiro Workshop / Tainan, Taiwan

12.2021       Theater design < Re_l_ _y > / HerLabSpace x ERiC LiN / Venue / TaipeiTaiwan

12.2021       Solo Exhibition <In Between > / Misty / TaipeiTaiwan

11.2021        Group exhibition <Hong-gah Museum x galagala market> / Online exhibiion / Taiwan

10.2021       Uniqlo x Fxiii <U in Between> / Uniqlo Taipei / Taipei, Taiwan

1.2021          Solo Exhibition <In Between > / Yu-hsiu Museum of Art / NantouTaiwan

3.2020        Group Exhibition <The Beat > / Beitou Times / Taipei

10.2019       Solo Exhibition <About Time> /   VVG Thinking / Taipei

6.2019         Group Exhibition <The Beat > /  INTZUITION / Taipei

4.2019         Group Exhibition <7 wonder> / Hankyu  / Hakata

3.2019         Solo Exhibition <About Time> /  True from / Taipei

1.2019          Group Exhibition <7 wonder> / Hankyu  / Osaka

1.2019          Selected artist / Tsutaya Electrics  / Tokyo

12.2018        Group Exhibition <7 wonder> / Takashimaya  / Osaka

11.2018         Selected brand <Good Home 2018 > / Songshan cultural park / Taipei

10.2018        Selected artist  <REAL DESIGNER EXHIBITION Spring and Summer 2019> / Tokyo

9.2018          Group Exhibition <7 Wonder> / Room experience 37 ' / Tokyo

6.2018          Solo Exhibition <Plantbased> / INTZUITION / Taipei

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